How to create masternode?

How to create HATCH masternode in Ubuntu 18.04.

Step 1: 
Need to have 1000 HATCH.

Step 2: VPS
sudo ufw allow OpenSSH
sudo ufw allow 8888/tcp
sudo ufw default deny incoming
sudo ufw default allow outgoing
sudo ufw enable

Step 3: VPS
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Step 4: VPS
sudo adduser hatch
su – hatch

Step 5: VPS
wget https://github.com/hatchpay/hatch/releases/download/v0.12.3.3/hatchcore-
tar -xvf hatchcore-
cd ~/hatchcore-0.12.3/bin
./hatchd -daemon
./hatch-cli stop

Step 5: Desktop
Download wallet https://github.com/hatchpay/hatch/releases
run and go to Tools\Debug console

getaccountaddress mn01
(got a new wallet address)

sendtoaddress (new wallet address) 1000
(received a transaction)

masternode genkey
(received masternodeprivkey)

masternode outputs (transaction received after running sendtoaddress (new wallet address) 1000)
(got the transaction exit number, 0 or 1 at the end of a transaction)

Step 6 Desktop
Go to Tools\Open Masternode Configuration File
Add a string

mn01 (external ip address VPS):8888 (masternodeprivkey) (transaction) (transaction exit number)

Save and exit

Step 7 VPS
nano ~/.hatchcore/hatch.conf
Add a code

masternodeprivkey=(masternodeprivkey received from Desktop Step 6)
masternodeaddr=(external ip address of this VPS):8888
externalip=(external ip address of this VPS)

Save and exit
cd ~/hatchcore-0.12.3/bin

Step 8 Desktop
Go to Settings\Options\Wallet\
Mark “Show Masternodes Tab”
Restart Desktop Wallet
Go to Masternodes
Click on the button Start All
Waiting for 30 minutes until enable. 

Where can I get HATCH?

Now you can mining to get HATCH or buy on the forum Bitcointalk, you can also vote for us to add to the exchange Graviex in the search for the page type HATCH.